Friday, 12 November 2010

Walima Cards

A quick sneeky peak at some of the Wedding and Walima cards that we have designed exclusively for Lebas London, one of our lovely stockists. Apologies for the 'yellowness' of these images as I took them rather late at night whilst packing their order, which should be on its way down to windy London this afternoon.
There has been a huge surge in the Asain wedding market in recent years. We as a greeting card business have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of Asain shops stocking our cards and stationary. The most popular cards being; wedding, walima and Mendhi. Currently, the Britain’s Asian wedding market is worth more than £300m annually and is expanding at a rate of 10% a year, compared with a 4.3% annual growth of the Western wedding market.
For more Asain wedding cards designs watch this space !!


Nora said...

i'm sure that these cards will be a great hit
good luck :)

Emily Keal said...

Did it go well? The Christmas fair I was at at the weekend was awful! I'm at Parklands this weekend will you be there?