Friday, 5 November 2010

Christmas Fairs

Pretty fuchsia personalised Keepsake Boxes.

Personalised photo albums in small,medium and large.

Christmas cards from the 'Precious Pearls' collection.

Embroidered tree hangings - simple yet effective.

A quick update to let you all know where I've been hiding this past week! Well, as some of you may know this time of year I get busy crafting/designing FUN items for the retail christmas fairs that I exhibit at in and around Leicestershire.
So, apart from the obviuos greeting cards and stationary, we also focus on gift items specially personalised as they do really well as Christmas presents. This year we shall be selling a mix of cards, stationary, photo albums, keepsake boxes, scarfs, textiles, bunting and christmas tree hangings.
As you can see we have expanded quite nicely this year into gifts and home furnishings which I'm very excited and proud of.
Still lots and lots to prepare for these events. This evening I'll be packaging our new bunting and tomorrow I'll be stitching buttons onto cushions!

Our fisrt retail fair will be on Sunday November 21st · 11:00am - 3:30pm.
Hope you all have a good relaxing weekend.


belleri said...

i really like the christmas hangings ... look forward to seeing your new prooducts.

Emily Keal said...

Tree hangings are a brilliant idea.