Monday, 24 January 2011

First Blog Award

I have just received my first ever blog award from the lovely and very talented textile designer Jenny Arnott. Thank you very much for the award. Check out Jenny's delightful creations at

This award is different to other awards as it is given to crafty/designer-blogs, which have less than 300 readers. The idea is to encourage more people to visit your blog and see your handmade creations, you then pass it on to some more crafty/designer blogs.

Please make sure you check out their lovely blogs.

On a similar not, our Valentines 2011 range of greeting cards 'Sew....Loved up' has also been featured in the today. How very exciting!! It is always very encouraging from a designers perspective to have their work acknowledged and recommended by industry professionals and I'd like to thank Charlotte from The card and gift blog for showcasing my work again.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Lovely Stockist

The elegant Wedding gifts section.

Lots of girly stuff hidden in this Aladdins Cave

I absolutely LOVE this dresser!

Last week I had an appointment in Loughborough with a gift shop named Gifts @ 46, Its owned by a very friendly lady called Libby who also owns the clothes boutique next door called 'Libbys'. Whilst there, I could not resist taking these pictures of some of the gorgeous things she stocks. Everything is so colour co ordinated and every where you look Libby has very cleverly put together a theme, as you can clearly see from these photos.
Our new seasons cards will be stocked here this month along with new cotton bunting and personnalised picture frames.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year...New Inspirations

Hello all and a very belated happy new year to all you design addicts out there. After a well earnt Christmas break we are back in the office, refreshed and in full form!
January for me is usually one of the busiest times of the year as it means 'trade show time' and releasing most if not all of our new seasons ranges. Valentines and Mother's Day have always been our strongest selling occasions followed by Weddings and Anniversary cards.
However, after thinking long and hard I have decided not to do the spring trade shows this year as I really wanted to re examine some very important areas of my business which will take up alot of my time these next few months.
I have been organising the office during the christmas break and now we have alot more shelfing.....woop woop!
I've also got my self a very pretty 2011 organiser / diary thing to jot down those all important appointmnets.
Oh and yeah... I've finally got round to making a 'mood board' with lots of inspirational ideas. I shall be blogging about that very soon in a seperate post.
The good news is that our dedicated sales agents are working hard, carrying all of Sabah Designs latest goodies hopefully in an area near you. If you are a trade customer and would like our 2011 brochure, then please give the office a shout on: 07734 156200 and we will be happy to fly one over to you!