Monday, 28 July 2008

Kitchen Goddess

I finally decided to plug in the smoothie maker and try some mouth watering smoothies this weekend. In the process I stumbled across a very interesting website with lots of recipes and tips on cooking and entertaining. I tried out their 'Juicy Duece' smoothie made from raspberries and soya vanilla which tasted absolutely devine. Check out their website for more delicious recipes at

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Magic Wings

July has been a very busy month in the Sabah Designs office, since we have started taking our Christmas orders. However our bestselling range this season has been Magic Wings. This range of shimmering butterflies in sparkly metallic threads has been a real hit with the retailers. The range comprises of 8 different coloured butterflies on a textured cream card with the option of a ‘Happy Birthday’ caption. For more information on this range or to request a catalogue please ring the office on 07734 156200

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Artists in the making.

Last week my 5 year old daughter Aneesa bought home from school her proudly sculptured clay model, "Spotty the Silver Snowman" which sadly broke an arm on our journey back home. Here he is sitting happily on my kitchen worktop!
One not to be beaten in the talent stakes my 7 year daughter Zainab yesterday bought home from school her imaculately finished model of "The Popping Eye Penguin". The structural detail and finish really did amaze me.