Friday, 30 July 2010

More Media Exposure

Yesterday we were given more press coverage in the Card and Gift Blog which is a lovely blog showcasing the most in demand publishers,the hottest selling products & the best new trends in the world of cards and gifts. So yes it was a real honour to be featured and the exposure has been filling our inbox with enquiries and brochure request.
To read the full coverage, go to:


gabriella said...

Congrats on more media press. read da full coverage - GREAT :)
bought sum of ure cards 2, their lovely thanks!!!!!!!
i don't no how u do it?????
anyway, gotta go, but your designs are too great for words :)

Sabah Designs said...

Thank you Gabriella, that's very very kind of you....glad you liked the cards.

Charlotte said...

Yay!! I'm glad the post had a positive response. Your blog looks lovely. We'll have to do a Christmas themed update! :-) Char x