Sunday, 12 February 2012

Card launch @ Spring Fair

Our stand at Spring Fair NEC, The old sewing machine table
got a new lease of life!

I picked this old sewing machine table from a second hand
shop last week and gave it a face lift.

A very 'TIRED' me with my assistant Sophie.

The lovely ladies from gifts @ 46 at the Sabah Designs stand.

Thank you all for visiting us at Spring Fair International. Our new printed greetings card ranges 'georgie porgie' and 'crystal hue' went down really well. Lots of orders as well as commission offers. I've already managed to draw 6 more designs for the 'georgie porgie' range, after quite a few comments from customers wanting age specific cards.
As always, it was really nice to meet everybody. We took some good orders, lots of interesting offers, which certainly made the whole show worth while. And great to catch up with all our industry chums!

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