Friday, 17 September 2010

Cupcakes Galore

I was recently approached by a magazine to write an article about the recent craze in cupcakes and the relation ship between cupcakes and the gift & card industry.
Well as you can imagine, being a serial cupcake lover I was delighted to give my input on this spongy morsel. (I will link to my article when its published).

In the last few years our company has been incoperating cupcake designs in most of our card ranges. We find that they are the first to be picked by customers who will say something along the lines of, ‘ Oh, we’ve GOT to have the cupcake! (as if they are real!)
I think the reason why a cupcake on a card sells so well is because its an indulging treat yet so personal and individual and not for sharing!

Hope you enjoy the images. Sabah xx

Cupcake from the Precious Pearls Collection

One of my personnal favourites from the Silver Lining Collection

Cupcakes on a stand from the CK range

A yummy scrummy cherry cake, one of Sabah Designs bestsetllers from the CK range


Paula {} said...

These are absolutely beautiful, creative cards! Perfect for the cupcake connoisseur or anyone who appreciates great art! :)

shellybobbins said...

These cards are very pretty indeed really stunning cards

With love @shellibobbins

Maria Loman said...

I picked the silver lining cup cake as a card to give to someone!!
absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Sabah Designs said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments, i shall continue in my quest to design more cupcakes!