Monday, 26 October 2009

The making of Precious Pearls

Precious Pearls - The Collection

The complete range of 12 designs.

Initial samples arrive by post!!

Selection boards with colours, shades, sketches and fabric samples.

As a designer I often get asked how long it takes to design a complete range of cards. Well.... it's really quite difficult to generalise as some designs are simply an extension to existing bestsellers and at other times I start from scratch!
Precious Pearls our new range of printed cards with a hand-finished element was designed only weeks before its launch at Harrogate this July.
The idea was to incorporate our trademark embroidered embellishments and set them against a brighter more vibrant background.
Lots of hours doodling and colour selecting, lots of hours on the phone to paper manufacturers and printers, impatiently waiting for the postman every morning to bring in the proofs (alot of consumption of coffee) and hey presto Precious Pearls was born!!!

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